Seletar Airport Pass Application Procedure

Registered tenants of Seletar Airport or companies with operational business interest at Seletar Airport are eligible to apply for a Seletar Airport Pass. Tenants whose contractors require access into restricted areas in Seletar Airport will have to submit the following information of the contractor before any application can be done: company name, address, telephone number, contract period, nature of work and access area.

Airport Passes are issued pursuant to the Protected Areas and Protected Places Act, Chapter 256, for the performance of official duties or business only. The application for areas of access will depend on the contractors’/tenants’ approved area of work i.e. based on Contract Agreement or Tenancy Agreement.

The list of areas of access is as follows:

A :  Apron
B :  Baggage Claim Hall / Arrival Transit
D :  Departure Transit
T :  Control Tower

The restricted areas should be chosen based on the ‘need to go’ for the performance of official duties or business. Any unauthorised area(s) applied for will result in the application being rejected.

Types of Airport Passes

(i) Seasonal Pass can only be issued to applicants who are NRIC or FIN card holders. Passport holders are not allowed to apply for Seasonal Pass. The maximum validity of the Seasonal Pass is 3 years. However the validity of the Airport Pass is dependent on the company’s tenancy/contract. It will also depend on the validity of the work permit/employment pass, if applicable.
(ii) Visitor Pass is issued in exchange with a valid photo-identification document (NRIC, FIN or Passport) for a maximum of 24hrs of access into restricted areas of the airport. The maximum period of access that can be requested for visitor pass access is as follows:

NRIC and FIN Card  :   up to 3 months
Passport holders     :   up to 2 weeks

Seasonal Pass Application Procedure

Applicants for Seletar Airport Seasonal Pass are required to complete the following softcopy template provided before submitting to Seletar Aviation Security (AvSec) at

Please note that all applicants who have applied for Apron (A) access are required to attend a mandatory Seletar Airport Airside Safety Induction Briefing (ASIB) at Seletar Airport. The briefing is to familiarize all Seasonal Pass holders accessing Apron area on airside risks and to increase their level of safety awareness.

About the Seletar Safety Induction Briefing
Date: Every Wednesday
Time: 9.30am to 10.30am
Cost: Free Of Charge
Venue: The Astra 1 room on Level 2, 21 Seletar Aerospace Road 1

(New Passenger Terminal Building)

Seletar Airport

For enquiries or to register for the briefing, please email or call 8778 7707 for more details. Please provide information in the following format during registration.

Full Name Organisation NRIC / FIN no.

On the day of appointment, pass applicants must come in person with following documents for verification:

(i) NRIC for Singaporean / PRs or FIN Card for foreign employees / Work employment pass and passport for foreign employees;
(ii) AXS Payment Receipt; and
(iii) Appointment Email (please get a printed hardcopy from your Company’s Coordinator if your application was submitted by them).
(iv) Letter of Participation in Seletar Safety Induction Briefing *

A photograph of the pass applicant will be taken and the pass will be processed. Pass applicants can expect to collect their Seasonal Pass on the same day.

[Note: Airport Pass applicants who fail to produce the above documents for verification during their appointment will not be allowed to have their photograph taken and will be required to return with the necessary documents.]

Visitor Pass Application Procedure

Applicants for Seletar Airport Visitor Pass are required to complete the following softcopy template provided before submitting to Changi Airport Group (S) Pte Ltd appointed security service provider at All submitted applications will be serialised and the serial number will be provided to applicant via email. Applicants are required to contact the Seletar Airport security counter at 6482 4870, quoting the serial number, to check on the pass application status.

Operational Hours of Seletar Airport Pass Office

The Seletar Airport Pass Office operates 3 days a week except for public holidays. The operating hours of the pass office are as follows:

Day Time (am) Time (pm)
Monday 0900hr – 1200hr 1300hr – 1700hr
Wednesday 0900hr – 1200hr 1300hr – 1700hr
Friday 0900hr – 1200hr 1300hr – 1700hr

Loss of Seletar Airport Seasonal Pass

For any loss of Seletar Airport Seasonal Pass, please lodge a police report immediately at any Police establishments and inform the officers at the Passenger Terminal Building (PTB) security counter. A copy of the report lodged must be submitted to officers at the PTB security counter. The lost airport pass will be suspended to prevent misuse. As for the replacement of pass, your company should re-apply the seasonal airport pass as per normal procedure with a fee imposed. Concurrently, your company may choose to apply the visitor pass if you are required to access the restricted area(s) for official purposes.

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